Take Intra and NutriaPlus Daily!
Lifestyles UK Independent Distributor

When taken together, Intra and NutriaPlus beneficially increase the effectiveness and health benefits of each other – from an increased reaction value in the body to better absorption.

In fact, when both are taken together they provide:

*105% increase in antioxidant power = More cell protection power + More health benefits.

(*See p17 of NutriaPlus product training PDF.)

Intra + NutriaPlus better together!

Taking Intra & NutriaPlus at the same time increases the absorption rate

Taking Intra and Nutria Plus at the same time is ideal and both are best absorbed when taken with a meal. If you do not want to change your routine – just make sure that both are taken within a 24-hour period to capitalize on the synergistic interactions.

The Synergistic Effect

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Lifestyles Independent Distributor

My name is Oliver Relfe and I'm your 'Independent Distributor' for Lifestyles product and the amazing intra botanical blend for you to enjoy better health and balance our body naturally! Visit the online Shop for prices and to buy intra.