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Lifestyles Intra herbal juice for optimal health and vitality

Lifestyles Intra juice is a one of a kind, complete and pleasant tasting, nutritional beverage that nourishes body cells and provides essential plant-based phytonutrients (found only in plants).

Botanicals have been used historically for thousands of years to maintain optimal health and vitality. Herbs, plants, roots, tree bark, leaves, and flowers (the botanicals) formed the basis of the food supply for many native cultures. For at least 3,000 years humans have known the powerful effect these natural compounds have on our well-being.

Lifestyles intra juice is not a drug, but a natural health supplement formulated with 23 botanical extracts that work synergistically to help balance and strengthen the body.

Ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng, Aloe Vera, Ginger, Dandelion and Reishi Mushroom support a healthy immune system, as well as the other major systems of the body.

Learn about the synergistic healing benefits of the 23 herbs in Lifestyles intra juice.
Intra juice herbal blend
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Oliver Relfe

The Lifestyles Intra Solution

Fighting Body Pollution With Proper Nutrition

Lifestyles Intra juice contains herbs that help to protect the body from our toxic environment. It also provides a high level of plant-based antioxidants that help maintain youthful vitality.

Many athletes, sports professionals and amateurs turn to Lifestyles Intra juice for maximum performance, recovery periods and optimal health and vitality.

For most people, 1 to 2 ounces of intra juice a day gets them the results they want. It is not only economical, but also the most convenient to use.

Intra Juice's Amazing Benefits

  • Due to the incredible benefits of intra, it has become one of the most popular herbal blends in the world today.
  • Intra juice provides nutrients that are no longer found in our food, but are essential to our bodies.
  • Intra provides all the benefits of traditional botanicals without the side effects of modern drugs.
  • Lifestyles Intra juice helps keep the body free of modern pollutants and toxic chemicals.
  • Lifestyles Intra juice helps maintain a healthy immune system.
  • Strong in antioxidant ingredients that are specifically formulated to support the body at the cellular level.
  • People feel great! They have more energy and lifestyles intra maintains the feeling of wellbeing.

Intra Capsules Too!

Lifestyles Intra is also available in capsule form!

If you liked it as a nutritional drink, you'll absolutely love the convenience of Lifestyles Intra capsules!

Whether you are traveling on business or pleasure, or just going away for the weekend, now you'll never have to be without your Intra.

Intra capsules

Just two Intra capsules provide the same level of standardized botanical extract as 1 oz. serving of Lifestyles intra liquid.

Lifestyles Intra capsules also contain freeze-dried juice crystals which, when taken with water, provide a fruit-juice base to aid absorption.

Lifestyles Intra passed the test of time for safe use and effectiveness, having been used by millions of people around the world since January 1992. Lifestyles intra juice is safe for all ages.

An ounce of Intra herbal juice a day can make a world of difference to your health and vitality!

Lifestyles UK Independent Distributor

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Lifestyles Intra, the herbal choice of millions.

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Lifestyles Intra's precise formula of 23 botanical extracts work synergistically together to help balance and strengthen the body's eight biological systems, leaving you feeling healthier, happier and more energized!

Lifestyles Intra's precise formula of 23 botanical extracts work better together to help balance and strengthen the body's eight biological systems, leaving you feeling healthier, happier and more energized!

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