You pay a one-time application fee of THB1000


Distributors can get a minimum of 20% to a maximum of 30% discount on their purchase.
Discount level is cumulative and without time limit. Once a level is achieved it is
maintained. (i.e. once you achieve 30% you do not drop back to 25%).

Sliding Discount Scale for Distributors
1 to 600 point ...........@20%
601 to 1500 point.......@25%
1501 to 2800 point.....@30%

Avail 40% Discount As Direct Distributor (DD)

See Compensation Plan for full explanation: Download pdf


• Once you become a Direct Distributor, you can enjoy Lifetime 40% discount on all
Lifestyles products
• Chances to earn Wholesale Profit and Royalty Bonus
• FREE personalised website (MyIntraSite.com/username)
and PBC (Personal Business Center)

To become an Independent Lifestyles Thailand Distributor or order intra juice click here!

*Note: all prices and offers shown may be subject to change without notice. All orders of intra are
covered by the Lifestyles 100% money back guarantee on a 30 day supply per person.
1 btl intra (950 ml/64 capsules) = 30 day supply

Prices shown excluded applicable taxes
and shipping.

1 bottle THB 1,350.00 (35 points)

Trio (3 btls) Intra Liquid or Capsules
THB 4050.00

Case (9 btls) Intra Liquid or Capsules
THB 12150.00


Minimum order 100 points
(3 bottles = 105 pts, 1 case 315 pts)

Minimum THB196.26. Please use the online store
to find the shipping cost for your location.

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Intra - Thailand Prices!

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Thailand Intra Retail Prices

Lifestyles products are only available through
Lifestyles Independent Distributors and are NOT
sold in stores. You can buy Intra in our Thailand
online store.

Join as a Distributor and enjoy
Wholesale Discount on Lifestyles products.

Lifestyles intra herbal juice

Thailand Nutria Retail Prices

1 bottle Nutria (60 capsules). Prices shown exclude applicable taxes and shipping.

1 bottle THB 1308.41 (25 points)
4 bottles THB 5,233.65 (100 points)

Intra Infusion Retail Prices

1 jar THB 1,350.00 (35 points)
3 jars THB4,050.00 €120.00 (105 points)
12 jars THB16,200.00 (420 points)
Order Lifestyles Intra
Distributor, UK
+44 144 445 1498
intra herbal juice

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