1 bottle intra (950 ml or 64 capsules)
= 30 day supply

INTRA (Liquid/Capsule) 35pts. - Php1800
Nutria and Fiberlife - 30pts. - Php1500

No Registration Fee but need to buy minimum of
2 bottles of Intra or 60 points at 10% discount.

Intra - Philippines Prices!

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Philippines Intra Prices

Lifestyles products are only available through
Lifestyles Independent Distributors and are NOT
sold in stores. You can buy Intra at our Philippines
The online store is not hooked up for the
Philippines, but Lifestyles have distribution
centers for pick up or delivery covering Luzon,
Visayas, Mindanao regions, and a main office in
Makati City.

Please contact me for details and local contacts.
Note: Please be specific about what information
you require, becoming a Customer or Distributor,
how you heard about intra, need a sponsor etc.

Join As A Distributor and enjoy
Wholesale Discount on Lifestyles products.

Lifestyles intra herbal juice
intra herbal juice

where to buy Lifestyles intra herbal juice
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Registration Fee is Php2000 for 20% discount with minimum purchase of 3 Bottles of Intra
or 100pts.

We do have different Package for Direct Distributor. Those who wants to do the Business.
See information in below.
COMMULATIVE - 520 points - Php23,120 4 Btk’s (8 btls of Intra , 4 btls of Nutria & 4 btls
of Fiberlife), No Registration Fee  at 20% discount.

INSTANT DIRECT - 2800 points - Php103,640 22 BTK’s (44 btls of Intra, 22 Nutria & 22
Btls of Fiberlife), No Registration Fee at 30% discount.

EXPRESS DIRECT  - 1400 points - Php60080. 11 BTK’s (22 btls of Intra, 11btls of Nutria &
11 btls of Fiberlife), No Registration Fee 20% discount.

Drink Intra. Share Intra. Pass It On!

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