Right now I am looking for Japanese network
marketing leaders to wotk with and help with
expanding the intrajuice Japanese market.

Lifestyles do have an office in Japan but things are
currently not closely intergrated into the lifestyles
online system like other member countries are.
Please enquire for more details but you can click
and "Save As" the PDF files below that are in 

1. Intra Japan Brochure

2. Intra Japan - 23 Botanicals Leaflet

3. Intra Japan Q&A

4. 8 Body System Card

5. Safety & Benefits of Intra for Japanese Athletes

6. Intra is certified pesticide free

Intra - Japan Prices!

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Lifestyles Intra Japan

Lifestyles products are only available through
Lifestyles Independent Distributors and are NOT
sold in stores. You can buy Intra in our Japan, but
please contact me for more details as the country
is not hooked up to any online store right now.
Lifestyles intra herbal juice

where to buy Lifestyles intra herbal juice
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