Lifestyles intra herbal juice is backed by a
comprehensive, no nonsense guarantee.
It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all unused products
are returned to us by a reputable parcel carrier and in a condition that
will enable the unused products to be offered for resale. Please
remember to include a copy of the sales receipt sent with your order
and ask for a proof of postage certificate, just in case the parcel fails to
reach us.

The customer is further guaranteed that the Lifestyles products are
made only of superior quality ingredients and to the highest

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The customer simply returns the unused portion
in the original carton to the Distributor who sold
him or her the product within 30 days of the date
of purchase.

The Distributor will either make a product
exchange or give the customer a refund on the
unused portion, whichever the customer prefers.
The Distributor is responsible for any cash refunds
to the customer.
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Lifestyles intra herbal juice
Distributor, UK
+44 144 445 1498
intra herbal juice
When refunding intra, a 'Refund Form' must be completed by both the
customer and the Distributor. The Customer must submit the portion
of the intra bottle displaying the lot number along with a copy of the
original sales receipt and the completed and signed Refund Form
stating the reasons for your return.

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Intra juice
Lifestyles intra herbal juice
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Lifestyles intra - order here
Lifestyles intra carries a 30-day money-back guarantee. We have never seen this product
fail to produce some form of results for those who have tried it for 3 consecutive months.
Lifestyles intra, the herbal choice of millions.

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more energized!
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If people use intra consistently, 1/3 will notice some sort of result within
3 to 7 days, 1/3 within 1 to 3 weeks & the last third within 3 weeks to 3 months.
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