Intra herbal juice is not a drug but a natural
health supplement formulated with 23 botanical
extracts that work synergistically to help balance
and strengthen the body.

Ingredients such as Siberian Ginseng, Aloe Vera,
Ginger, Dandelion and Reishi Mushroom support a
healthy immune system, as well as the other
major systems of the body.

Intra contains herbs that help to protect the body
from our toxic environment. It provides a high
level of plant based anitoxidants that help
maintain youthful vitality.

For most people, 1 to 2 ounces of intra juice a day
gets them the results they want. It is not only
economical but also the most convenient to use.
Learn about the synergistic healing benefits of the
23 herbs in intra.

Lifestyles intra passed the test of time for safe
use and effectiveness having been used by
millions of people around the world since January
1992. Lifestyles intra is safe for all ages.

Many sports professionals and amateurs turn to
intra for maximum performance, recovery periods
and optimum health and vitality.

Intra's Amazing Benefits

Due to the incredible benefits of intra,
it has become one of the most popular
herbal blends in the world today.

Intra juice news

Intra Tastes Great Too!

You've Got Nothing To Lose,

Give Intra a Try!

Lifestyles intra carries a 30-day money-back guarantee. We have never seen this product
fail to produce some form of results for those who have tried it for 3 consecutive months.
Lifestyles intra, the herbal choice of millions.

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Balance Your Body With Intra!

Lifestyles Intra Herbal Blend Is A One
Of A Kind, Complete And Pleasant
Tasting Nutritional Drink.
Botanicals have been used historically
for thousands of years to maintain
optimal health and vitality.
Herbs, plants, roots, tree bark,
leaves, and flowers (the botanicals)
formed the basis of the food supply
for many native cultures.
For at least 3,000 years
humans have known the
powerful effect these natural
compounds have on our
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Intra is also available in capsule form!

If you liked it as a nutritional drink,
you'll absolutely love the convenience
of Lifestyles intra capsules!

Whether you are traveling on business
or pleasure, or just going away for the weekend,
now you'll never have to be without your intra.

Just two Intra capsules provide the same level
of standardized botanical extract as 1oz. serving
of Lifestyles intra liquid.

Lifestyles Intra capsules also contain freeze-dried
juice crystals which, when taken with water,
provide a fruit-juice base to aid absorption.
intra herbal juice
A Few Of The
Tests Performed
By Lifetyles On
Each Product.

• Potency
Active ingredents
are tested to ensure
the exact potency
claimed on the

• Disintegration
Tablets and capsules
are tested to ensure
fast and complete
absorption by the

• Yeast & Mould
Raw materials and
final products are
tested for bacteria,
yeast and moulds to
ensure purity.

• Heavy Metals
Every ingredient is
tested to ensure
freedom from
potentially harmful
and heavy metals.

• Stability
Active ingredients
are tested to ensure
stability and
potency for the
entire shelf life of
the product.
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Lifestyles intra
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Intra + Nutria

Nutria was
formulated to
compliment intra's
bend of 23 botanical
extracts to optimize
health and wellness.

When taken
together, the
ingredients have a
powerful synergistic
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increased reaction in
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Lifestyles Intra's precise formula of 23 botanical extracts work better together to help
balance and strengthen the body's eight biological systems, leaving you feeling healthier,
happier and more energized!
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Lifestyles intra herbal supplement
Intra juice provides nutrients that are no
longer found in our food, but are essential
to our bodies.
Intra povides all the benefits of traditional
botanicals without the side effects of
modern drugs.
Intra helps keep the body free of modern
pollutants and toxic chemicals.
Intra helps maintain a healthy
immune system.
Strong in antioxident ingredients that are
specifically formulated to support the body
at the cellular level.
People feel great! They have more energy
and lifestyles intra maintains the feeling
of wellbeing.
Begin protecting your body today with Lifestyles intra!!

If people use intra consistently, 1/3 will notice some sort of result within
3 to 7 days, 1/3 within 1 to 3 weeks & the last third within 3 weeks to 3 months.

What is intra?

What are the 23 botanicals in intra?

Intra's most frequently asked questions.
Lifestyles Nutria

The Lifestyles Intra Solution

Drink Intra Juice. Share Intra Juice. Pass It On!

Intra - Consumed By Millions Over 25 Years!

Intra helps balance and strengthen the body's 8 biological systems by nourishing body
cells and provides essential plant-based phytonutrients (found only in plants). The key to
Intra's effectiveness is the synergy of the blended botanicals working together - providing
greater benefits than an individual botanical on its own. Intra's formula has been enjoyed
by millions of satisfied customers worldwide for over 25 years and is suitable for all ages.
An ounce of Intra a day can make a world of difference!

Take Control Of Your Health With Intra Herbal Blend.

Obesity is defined by the WHO (World Health Organization) as abnormal or excessive fat
accumulation that presents a risk to health. Being overweight and obese can cause many
health problems and are linked to many chronic diseases including diabetes,
cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Obesity shows no boundaries in terms of geographic location. More that 1 billion people all
around the world are overweight, and 300 million are obese. There are also other factors
that contribute to weight gain including environment, cultural customs, seasonal
changes, stress and medication-related weight gain.

In many cases, you can change your and lower your weight simply by improving your
lifestyle choices. This can include eating healthier, exercising daily, and taking nutritional

Taking care of your body from the inside out is a great way to improve your health.
Nutritional supplements can compliment your healthy eating habits to ensure your body is
getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals not found in our everyday foods.

Intra can help supplement, through its 23 botanical extracts, some of the missing
nutrients in your diet. Not only will you feel more energized by taking Intra every day,
you will also boost your immune system. This will ensure you are giving yourself the best
odds possible for warding off the common cold, flu and other illnesses, allowing you to
keep your mind on maintaining your health in other areas.

Remember, we have the power to change our health, and only we can make the decision to
Live Better, Every Day, and join the intra Lifestyles community.

Drink Lifestyles Intra. Share Intra. PASS IT ON!

Intra is Certified
"safe for Athletic
use" by German
Sport University
Institute for

Institution for
German Sport
University Koln
Institute for
IOC Accredited
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm
Schanzer, C/O
Dr. M.K.Parr,
Food Scientist.

Intra Contains

• No Steroids
• No Stimulants

Intra is
completely free
of alcohol,
caffeine, or any
other substance
that would cause
an athlete to test
positive for a

Intra also carries
Kosher and Halal
An ounce of Intra juice a day can make a world
of difference to your health and vitality!

Understanding the “Ups” & “Downs” of Exercise

How Can Intra Support An Active
And Athletic Lifestyle?

Intra For Energy
Intra contains ingredients that fully support the Energy System. Without these essential
nutrients, the body could not reach optimal levels of activity. German Chamomile, Ginger
root, Bee Pollen, Chinese Pearl Barley are some of the ingredients in Intra that promote

Intra For Physical Stress

• Normalize and raise an individual’s resistance to all forms of stresses in the body
(including the physical stress associated with exercise). Intra contains the following

Siberian Ginseng
• A Classical Adaptogenic Herb
• Siberian ginseng has been extensively researched by the Russians and at one time it was
popular among workers and athletes in that country to improve performance, endurance, as
well as preventing sickness in the workplace.
• Siberian ginseng has been scientifically shown to increase energy, stamina, and help the
body resist viral infections and environmental toxins.

Reishi Mushroom
• In the Orient, Reishi is considered a Fu Zhen herb (immune modulation).
Reishi has various applications including acting as an adaptogen in helping the body fight
the effects of all forms of stress.

Intra For Antioxidants
Antioxidant supplements have been shown to be effective in reducing delayed onset
muscle soreness and improving exercise recovery. Juniper Berry, Licorice, Rose Hip,
Schisandra berry, and Passion flower contain antioxidants such as Vitamin C and flavonoids
that destroy free radicals and toxins caused by exercise.
Intra Herbal Juice Suggested Dosage

Intra Helps Support An Active And Athletic Lifestyle

In order to maintain a “healthy” active lifestyle, it is important to have
the right amount of nutrients to:
• support optimal energy
• help reduce the effects of exercise stress
• provide antioxidants (to combat free radicals and toxins produced during exercise)
Although we are told that exercise is good for our bodies, what we are unaware of is that
exercise pushes the body beyond its usual capabilities (resulting in muscle damage).
With the right amount of recovery time and appropriate nutrients, the body will efficiently
repair and rebuild towards an increased level of strength and endurance (this is known as
the adaptation syndrome). To continually improve our level of fitness, these principles
must be supported by the right amount of nutrients and antioxidants. If these essential
nutrients are provided, this will boost exercise performance and reduce exercise recovery

During exercise, our bodies will:
• Increase the rate and amount of oxygen utilized
• Increase metabolism (burn more calories)

After a bout of exercise, our bodies will:
• Have an increased accumulation of toxins (free radicals) and by-products (lactic acid)
• A reduced physical resistance due to increased exercise demands

Free Radicals & Lactic Acid
Since exercise increases the amount of oxygen used in the body, this causes an increased
production of unstable molecules called free radicals. These highly reactive molecules can
damage cells and are believed to be the main cause of sore aching muscles a day or two
after exercise (known as delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS).

Wastes/By Products
Since exercise increases metabolism, there is an increased production of waste and by-
products. Collectively, these wastes need to be quickly eliminated and neutralized to
reduce muscle soreness and improve exercise recovery.

Reduced Physical Resistance
Since we are“overloading” our bodies with physical stress, it takes time to repairand
replenish the cells after exercise (this is knownas exercise recovery).
* Based upon the American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Guidelines.